All about Cup Song

All about cup song history

Cup song became popular after it as covered by Anna Kendrick in ‘Pitch Perfect’ in 2012. So many believe that Anna Kendrick invented cup. However, Cup song originates from a popular child game know as cup game which involve children clapping, tapping on the cup and hitting the cup in a rhythm. Here is all about cup song and how it originated.

The journey of cup song began in 1987 when Rich Mullins a Christian Singer made used of cups for the very first time in this song ‘Screen door’.

Then in 1990 Cup song was featured in ‘Full House’ – an American coming of age Sitcom where Stephanie and D.J. were seen doing the Cup Song hand motions.

Zoom’ – an American television program created almost entirely by children taught many kids the cup game in 1999.

In 2009 Lula and Lampshades a UK Band (now know as Lampshades) used the cup rhythm with the song ‘When I’m Gone‘ and uploaded it to you-tube. This is how the cup song started getting popularity!! However, the song ‘When I’m gone‘ was originally written by the Carter family in 1931 as ‘Will you miss me When I’m gone‘. And in 1937 J.E. Mainer an American old time fiddler remade the song as ‘Miss me When I’m gone‘ which was used buy Lampshades.

In 2011 Anna Burden posed her cover of ‘When I’m gone‘. Her video made it to the front page of Reddit.

Anna Kendrick learned the song and its cup percussion from watching and doing the song many times on Reddit prior to being cast in ‘Pitch Perfect’, and it was therefore written into the film. When the Pitch Perfect writers discovered Anna’s skill, they put it into the movie and in 2012  the song became popular through the film Pitch Perfect.

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