Karim’s, Old Delhi – An excellent repast for foodies

Delhi is heaven for food lovers. On one end there is famous Paranthe Wali Gali for vegetarians and on the other end there are legendary restaurants like Karim’s for non-vegetarians. Despite of the crowded location many foodies come to Karim’s to have mouthwatering Nihari & Paya, Seekh kababs, Mutton Burra etc. Indeed Karim’s, Old Delhi is an excellent repast for foodies!! For those of you having no idea of Karim’s – ‘Karim’s is a old Mughlai restaurant near Jama Masjid located in crowded area of karol bagh, Old Delhi.’

Karims, Old Delhi - An excellent repast for foodies

Karims, Old Delhi – excellent repast for foodies!!!

Karim’s is an unmissable landmark restaurant in Purani Delhi that is famous for its Mughlai food and is the best non veg restaurant hidden in a small lane just opposite the Jama Masjid. Time Magazine has ranked Karim’s among top restaurants in Asia. Although Karim’s was born in 1913 but its seeds were sown in the royal kitchen of the Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah Jafar.

Karim's, Old Delhi

Time Magazine has ranked Karim’s among top restaurants in Asia

Some History

Haji Karimuddin (the founder of Karim’s) was one of the royal cooks who use to cook feats in the durbar of the Mughal Emperor. However with the arrival of the British rule in 1987 the Mughal Empire collapsed. The last emperor, Bahadur Shah Zafar was exiled. Haji Karimuddin returned Delhi in 1911 and opened a small stall in Gali Kababian, right opposite to Jama Masjid. With time the small shop has blossomed and is now famously known as Karim’s. Haji Karimuddin inherited the art and ideas of cooking to his son Haji Nooruddin and his grandsons. Today the fourth generation of the royal chef is pretentiously serving the royal mughali food to common man. The recipes are kept secret.Karim's, Old Delhi

The Food at Karim’s

After visiting Jama Masjid we started hunting for Karim’s. It was just a few minutes’ walk from the Masjid and the sign boards towards Karim’s were guiding us.

Karim's, Old Delhi

Street towards Karim’s with sign board

Once we entered the hotel through the small gali the aroma of kakabs grilled slowly on charcoal made us hungry. The waiters at Karim’s were working at their own speed and were in no hurry of serving us. After a wait of 10 to 15 minutes we finally placed our order.

Karim's, Old Delhi

Food at Karim’s

Even though the restaurant is located in such a crowded place but the restaurant scores high on cleanliness and hygiene. However the ambience was on average level. But Karim’s is visited by people for delicious food and not for ambience. Also there are 3-4 sections to serve the heavy crowd that starts pouring in from the morning.

The food was delicious and satisfying. The mutton kurma and seekh kababs were unbeatable. The meat was soft and tender. The Romali roti and naan were also good. Karim’s also offer Sheermal (a sweet and thick bread made from wheat flour and yeast) Sheermal is a good option for tandoori naans and roti. The biryani at Karims is a bit sweet and delicious. All the food is served with side plate of lime wedges, chopped chilies and chopped onions. Nihari and paya are other good options available in morning. Kheer was served in shallow earthenware and was a blend good with the other food.

Karim's, Old Delhi

Food at Karim’s

So don’t miss out to enjoy some amazing and mouthwatering food at this legendary restaurant while in old Delhi!! Happy travelling 🙂

Insider tips:

Address: Jama Masjid, Gali Kababian, Old Delhi, New Delhi, Delhi 110 006

Nearest Metro Station: Chawri Bazaar

How to reach: 10 minutes rickshaw ride from Chawari bazar gate Metro Station. It is just opposite Jama Masjid gate.

Budget: approximately Rs. 850 per person.


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