15 Things to do in Nashik, Nashik tourist places

Nashik is an ancient holy city in Maharashtra located on the bank of river Godavari. Nasik is known for its links to the “Ramayana. It was in Panchavati, Nasik that Ravana’s sister Surpanakha tried to seduce Lord Rama and eventually got her nose chopped off from Laxmana. The religious importance of Nasik does not end here. Nashik-Trimbakeshwar plays host to kumbh mela after every 12 years. So one can find many exotic temples in Nashik. The proximity of Nashik from Shirdi, Saptashrungi and Trimbakeshwar has also made Nashik a favorite religious tourist spot.

The identity of Nashik does not end here. Nashik is also know as ‘Wine capital of India’. Nashik valley wines are specially protected under the patent of the geographical indicator in India for the region of Nashik district in Maharashtra, India, where it is produced from several vineyards. With so many vineyards in Nashik, Sula being the most famous, many tourist visit Nasik just to taste wine. Thus, in last few decades Nasik has evolved from its spiritual identity to a modern city that offers something or other to everyone right from temples, forts, waterfall, vineyards… Here is a list of 15 Things to do in Nashik, Nashik tourist places.

15 Things to do in Nashik, Nashik tourist places

1. Visit religious places and becomes spiritual.

Nashik has a rich historical past. Lord Rama, the King of Ayodhya, made Nashik his adobe during his 14 years in exile. At the same place Lord Laxman, by the wish of Lord Rama, cut the nose of “Shurpnakha” and thus this city was named as “Nashik”. Due to this religious identity Nashik has many temples and religious places that are worth visit.

Religious Places, Nashik - 15 Things to do at Nashik

Religious Places, Nashik – 15 Things to do at Nashik

  • Gangaghat: Gangaghat is considered highly sacred by Hindus and was built by Ahilaybai Holkar. It is surrounded by number of temples and holy Ram Kund is also located here. It is pleasing experience to visit this.
  • Ramkund: This is a holy place on Godavari River. It is believed that lord Rama and Sita use to bath here during their exile hence the name Ram Kund.
  • Shri Kalaram Mandir: This is the main temple of Nashik city build by Rangarao Odhekar Sardar of Peshwas in 12 years and in 23 lakes rupees at that time.
  • Naroshankar MandirSituated on Ganga Ghat, Naroshankar Temple of Rameshwar is built in 1974 by Naroshankar Rajebahaddur Sardar of Bajirao Peshwa. It is one of the most beautiful piece of architecture of 18th century.
  • Sundar Narayan MandirThis is one of the oldest temples situated near Ganga ghat. Gangadhar Yashwant Chandrachud built it in 1756. The main deity of lord Vishnu alias Narayana along with Mata Laxmi and Mata Saraswati.
  • Kapaleshwar Mandir: This is one of the prominent old temple in Nashik near Ganga Ghat, built in 1763 by Jagjivanram Pawar.
  • Navashya Ganpati MandirThe temple was built in mid-17th century by Peshwa. The temple is famous for being very ‘Jagrut Devasthan’ and devotees wishes are fulfilled and hence got the name Navashya Ganapati. The idol & temple is very beautiful.

Here is detailed information of religious places in Nashik

2. Visit the Grape Farms and Wineries

Nashik is famous for its grapes and wines. Infact, Nashik is the grape wine capital of Maharashtra. Near Gangapur area there are many grape farms and famous wineries like Sula Wine Yard, York Winery, Soma Wine Village. Many tourist visit these wineries to witness the wine making process and taste different wines.

Sula Vineyards, Nashik - 15 Things to do at Nashik

Sula Vineyards, Nashik – 15 Things to do at Nashik

Among all the wineries Sula wine yard is the most famous. Surrounded by hills and the quaint Gangapur lake in the distance, the vineyard makes for a perfect luxury retreat. You can witness the brewing process by taking wine tour at Sula Vineyards. The tour is a fun group activity where you can gain insight of different type of wines and asl taste tem. There’s even a SulaFest held every February, which is one of the hot items on the Indian event calendar.

The best times to visit the vineyard are the harvesting months of January to March.

3. Relax at Deolali

Deolali is a small hill station near Nashik Railway Station. It is famous for various health sanatoriums, Old bungalows and Kandobachi tekadi. Deolali also have Military camp, Air Force Station and Artillery Museum. Infact it is one of the oldest military centers in the country.

Artillery Museum, Nashik

Artillery Museum, Nashik – 15 Things to do in Nashik, Nashik tourist places

Deolali is a popular weekend getaway and health camp. It has plenty of temples, picnic spots, vast tracts of untouched greenery and an atmosphere that is perfect for those looking for some peace and quiet, away from the hustle and bustle of bigger cities like Mumbai and Pune. With its beautiful landscape, many places to visit and enviable shopping options, Deolali continues to live up to its reputation as a destination to reckon with every year. The golf course, inside the Deolali Cantonment, was one of the largest in India at the time of its development by the British.

4. Take at look at the heritage monument of Pandav Leni (Caves)

Pandav Leni (Caves) are around 2000 years old. There are 24 Caves, some Caves are intricately connected by stone-cut ladders that join them to the other Caves. These are sculptures of Buddha and bodhisattvas as well. Some of the Caves are large and contain numerous Chambers – these rock-cut Caves served as viharas or monasteries for the disciples to meet and hear sermons.

Pandavleni Caves, Nashik - 15 Things to do at Nashik

Pandavleni Caves, Nashik – 15 Things to do at Nashik

One can get a splendid view of Nashik city from the Caves. To reach the Caves one has to climb around 200 steps. Once you reach the top you have to buy tickit for the caves. Theses Caves are must visit. The best time to visit this heritage monument is in the morning when climbing the steps becomes easy.

5. Witness the journey of film industry at Veer Savarkar Smarak

It is outstanding attraction in Nashik dedicated to one of the most cherished son of Nashik who gave India its first feature film “Raja Harish Chandra”. The museum exhibits the artwork of this father of Indian Cinema- Dadasaheb Phalke and is one of the famous tourist attractions in Nashik. There is also beautifully decorated garden and ample option for the kids to play. At the memorial you can witness musical fountain been played on various Bollywood songs.

Veer Savarkar Smarak Bhagur, Nashik - 15 Things to do at Nashik

Veer Savarkar Smarak Bhagur, Nashik – 15 Things to do at Nashik

It is a beautiful tourist spot which shows the journey of Indian film industry. It is a treat for movie lovers. However it is poorly maintained and not in good shape now. One has to pay an entry fees for the memorial. The car parking is fee.

6. Witness the majestic Dudhsagar Waterfall

Dudhsagar waterfall also know as Someshwar Waterfall is one of the most visited tourist spot of Nashik. This place is worth a visit in monsoon and post monsoon. Due to the huge water flow and greenery around this place, the place turns picturesque in monsoon.

Dudhsagar Waterfall, Nashik - 15 Things to do at Nashik

Dudhsagar Waterfall, Nashik – 15 Things to do at Nashik

This beautiful waterfall is formed over the holy River Godavari. It is a much loved picnic spot by families and preferred stop by youngsters. Due to the creamy white water of the majestic waterfall it is known as “Dudhsagar”. There are carved steps on the rocks which makes access to the top of this lovely spot easy.

There is also a Balaji Temple near the waterfall which is a must visit place. Plus, the waterfall is just 2 km from Someshwar temple. Theplace is a must visit in monsoon. However during summer the places turns pathetic.

7. Get back in time of Ramayana at Sita Gufaa

Sita Gupha is located next to Kalaram Mandir. It is said that Sita dwelled at this place and Ravan abducted her from here. The shiv linga she worshipped is here. In Gupha there are idols of Rama, Sita and Laxman. Outside there are five Vad (Banyan) tress so the area is called Panchavati.

Sita Gupta - 15 Religions places in Nashik, Temples in Nashik

Sita Gupta – 15 Religions places in Nashik, Temples in Nashik

The ghupha is located in the heart of the city. It rest right on the main road and one can easily pass it without recognizing it. The ghupha is very small and narrow. The height of the ghupha is around 2.5 to 3 feet and it becomes narrow as you go inside. So, people who are obese or have big waist or have respiratory problem or asthama need to be careful while entering the ghupha.

8. Go trekking at Gangadwar and Brahmagiri Hills.

Brahmagiri is a mountain range adjacent to Trimbakeshwar in Western Ghats of Maharashtra. It is located at a distance of 3 km from Trimbakeshwar Bus Station and 31 km from Nashik. Situated at an altitude of 1,298 m, Brahmagiri is the source of the sacred River Godavari.

Brahmagiri, the hill (giri) of Lord Brahma, appear in many mythological and legendary documents. Legend says that the saint Gautam and his wife Ahalya resided on this hill. Saint Gautam worshiped Lord Shiva to bring Ganga in this hill. This river is known as River Gautami in the Brahmagiri hills.

One get to enjoy a beautiful trek with many amazing views at Brahmagiri. The trek has  500 steps of 1 to 2 feet. There are hand railing throught out the trek to help you climb. There are small eateries stall thought out the trek selling tea, chip, cucumber etc. Also, there are many monkeys in the area. This is a must visit tourist spot in Nashik.

9. Visit the birthplace of Lord Hanuman at Anjaneri Hills

Anjaneri, around 20 km from Nashik, near Trimbak, is the birthplace of Hanuman and named after his mother Anjani. The place is trekkers paradise which has an important fort in Trimbakeshwar region. A temple dedicated to Mata Anjani, mother of Hanuman is on the Hill top. It is believed that this is the place where Goddess Anjani meditated for a kid, and Shiva ultimately appeared in front of her to bless a boon.

Anjaneri Hills, Nashik

Anjaneri Hills, Nashik – 15 Things to do in Nashik, Nashik tourist places

It is believed that lord Hanuman spend his childhood at this place. You find a lot of places associated with the life of Lord Hanuman while trekking on the hill. One such place is a cave, where Lord Pawan Dev took Bal Hanuman when he was hit by the ‘vajra’ of Lord Indra.

The place is pictureque since it is surrounded by mountain ranges, forest and green landscape. The best time to visit Anjaneri Hill is monsoon as you get to see amazing views and waterfall throughout the trek. Food and water is not available during the trek so one has to carry that.

10. Visit on of the twelve jyotrilingas at Trimbakeshwar

Trimbakeshwar enshrines one of the twelve jyotirlingas dedicated to shiva and is one of the famous pilgrim place. It is also the origin of river Godavari. The temple is very attractive and nearly hundred feet high. It was built in the 18th century by Maratha ruler, Peshwa Nana Saheb, the temple is a perfect epitome of classic architecture.

Trimbakeshwar Mandir - 15 Religions places in Nashik, Temples in Nashik

Trimbakeshwar Mandir – 15 Religions places in Nashik, Temples in Nashik

11. Take darshan of Mahishasur Mardini at Saptashringi Temple.

Saptashrinigi is one of the Shaktipeeth of Devi is around 70 kms from Nashik at Vani via Dindori Road. As you approach the temple a large rocky hill greets you. This is Saptashringi Hill. The goddess is known to have possessed 18 weapons in 18 hands and is positioned ready to fight the demons.The Goddess is also called as Mahishasur Mardini meaning the one who slayed Mahishasur.

Saptashrungi Mandir - 15 Religions places in Nashik, Temples in Nashik

Saptashrungi Mandir – 15 Religions places in Nashik, Temples in Nashik

12. Visit the history of Indian currencies at Coin Museum.

Coin Museum is located on the Trimbakeshwar Road. The Museum has a fine collection of research and well documentaries history of Indian currencies. Coin Museum gives a vast idea of the Indian coinage from earliest period to the modern times with the help of coins, moulds, dyes, replicas, photographs and write-ups.

Coin Museum, Nashik - 15 Things to do at Nashik

Coin Museum, Nashik – 15 Things to do at Nashik

This is a place for people is for coin lovers. It gives a good inside of history of coins.It is a Govt run museum. It is very good to see the old coins, read the text written on them, see the different images on them.

13. Enjoy the famous Nashikchi Misal Pav.

While in Nashik, you just cannot miss Misal pav. In last few years Nashik has become a hotspot for Misal pav lovers due to its unique Misal Pav dishes.

Misal pav is a famous breakfast or evening snack in Maharashtrian households. However you can enjoy the dish as part of your course too. Misal has two parts – the thick spicy sprouted mixture is called Ussal (made up from Moth beans) while the watery gravy is called Rassa. Misal is topped with ‘Farson’ or ‘Shev’, onion, lemon and coriander. Misal is consumed with a pav ( bread). In Nashik Misal pav is normally served with buttermilk/ curd and papad.

Nashikchi Misal - 15 Things to do at Nashik

Nashikchi Misal – 15 Things to do at Nashik

Misal Pav is available at almost all food joints at Nashik. Sadhana Misal, Tushar Misal, Vihar, Mamachya Mala are among the famous misal pav joints. Sadhana Misal is an oldest food joint in Nashik. The hotel is well-known in Nashik as ‘Chulivarchi Misal’ ( a traditional way of cooking on  chul- an earthen stove that is fired by coal, cow-dung and wood.).Designed with a village-setting, the hotel showcases hybrid birds and animals including Emu, Turkey, camels for visitors.

Trust me if you are in Nashik then Misal pav is a must eat.

14. Shop till you drop.

Nashik gives you many reasons to spend an entire day only on shopping. If you want to buy ornaments then Saraf Bazar is for you. Nashik is well known for its jewelry. Jewelers like Adgaonkar Bandhu, Adgaonkar Saraf, Adgaonkar Sons, Amruta Jewellery, Dhanvardhini Jewellers, Dusane and Sons, Gulawanchkar Jewellers, Heena Jewellery and J B Ankaikar Junnarkar Jewellers are among the famous jewelry shops at Nagpur. Nashik also has extremely talented and unique craftsmanship in silverware.

Shopping at Nashik-15 Things to do in Nashik, Nashik tourist places

Shopping at Nashik-15 Things to do in Nashik, Nashik tourist places

Nashik also houses a number of fashion textile. So if you wish to shop cloths and fashion apparels then go straight to Amarson cloth center, Anil cloth center, Babubhai cloth center, beauty corner, Bombay silk stores, Ganpati cloth store and Harish cloth stores.

Nashik Chivda, Shopping at Nashik

Nashik Chivda, Shopping at Nashik – 15 Things to do in Nashik, Nashik tourist places

Nashik is famous for grapes. So you can buy variety of grapes and raisins here at a lower rate. Begin the wine city of Maharashtra Nashik, different types of wines are available here. Nashik chivda is a famous Nashik snack and is worth buying.

Lastly Nashik being the onion capital of India, onions can be bought here at a cheaper rate. Many new malls are also sprawling at Nashik. Reliance trends, Nashik central, Reliance footprint, Pinnacle mall, Nashik city centre mall, SK mall and Big bazar are among the famous one.

15. Visit Yeola to witness the making of Paithani

Paithani is one of the most beautiful sarees in the world. Every women dreams of having at least one Paithani saree. No Maharashtrian wedding is complete without Paithani. Paithani resembles the rich Maharashtrian culture and tradition because it was once wore only by the royals. Paithani is hand woven and made of silk with a rich, ornamental Zari (gold thread) pallav and border. What really sets the Paithani apart is its unique weaving technique and the weavers from Yeola (a small town in Nashik district) have kept the art of making Paithani alive for past 2000 years.

Yeola Paithani-15 Things to do in Nashik, Nashik tourist places

Yeola Paithani-15 Things to do in Nashik, Nashik tourist places

Today, Yeola has become the main center for Paithani weaving. To showcase the traditional Paithani art and craft and also to keep its alive the state government has also opened a Paithani Tourism Centre at Yeola. The center showcases the journey of Paithani from the thread to the six/nine-yard saree and other products. At the center tourist are explained the modalities of hand weaving, design patterns and demonstrated how the cloth is actually made. The Yeola Paithani Tourism Centre, spread over 20,000 sq. ft. and has a Paithani manufacturing information section and a sales counter that sells finished products made by local artisans in Yeola.

There is an increasing demand for the traditional weave, texture and design that make a Paithani, and a lot of people come to Yeola to buy Paithani textile. So if you are travelling to Nashik don’t forget to visit Yeola for buying an original Paithani.

Insider tips

  • How to reach Nashik – Nashik is 185 km from Mumbai and can reach through NH-3 via Thane-Kasar-Igatpuri. Nashik is 220 km away from Pune. Nearest airport is Mumbai or Pune. Nashik railway station is one of the major stations of the Central Railway. There are a number of trains that connect Nashik to other cities and towns. There are several private luxury video coach and state buses available between Nashik and cities like Pune, Shirdi, Aurangabad and Mumbai.
  • Who can visit – Nashik has something for everyone. It is a complete holiday package. It’s has old and exotic temples for religious people. It has many famous vineyards. The Nashik misal pav is also famous. So Nashik is a complete blend of old and new.
  • Best season to visit – Nashik receives good amount of rainfall between June to September, so This is the best time to visit Nashik especially if you are a monsoon lover. However, summer is extremely hot and winter is chilly. So if you love the cold wether then do visit in winter.

In Nutshell

Nashik is a complete holiday package. For Spritual people, there are many exotic temples with links to Ramayana. Nashik being the wine capital of India you can find many vineyards which attracts people from all corners of country. For food lovers, Nashik Misal pav is a must try. Last but not the least, Nashik is the home of ‘Paithani’ a saree that resides in heart of every Maharastrian women. In short Nashik offers something or other to everyone right from temples, forts, waterfall, vineyards making Nashik a destination worth visit.

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