Dressing up your baby as Lord Krishna on this Janmashtami

Dressing up your baby as Lord Krishna on this Janmashtami

Baby as Bal Krishna

Janmashtami is the festival that celebrates the birth of Krishna. As an age old tradition kids are dressed up as Bal Krishna on this auspicious day. Every mom see’s a small mischievous and prankish Krishna in their kid. Dressing up your baby as Lord Krishna is fun!! So if you are planning for dressing up your baby as Lord Krishna on this day here are a few tips and a list of items you will need Dressing up your baby as Lord Krishna on this Janmashtami .

Tips and a list of items you will need for the Krishna attire.

  1. Dhoti – You can use a silk or cotton dhoti. However my personal choice is a silk dhoti as it looks attractive. You can either drape the dhoti yourself or else you can easily purchase a ready to wear dhotis form shops or buy it online from stores like firstcry, amazon, snapdeal. Dhoti in any color looks attractive. However yellow is the most commonly used color for dhoti.

    Dressing up your baby as Lord Krishna on this Janmashtami

    Baby in Krishna attire with ready to wear dhoti and kurta

 A kurta can be used with dhoti. However if you don’t have a kurta then a stole or dupatta acts as a good replacement. Using a stole or kurta is optional.

  1. Crown – Crown is an important part of the Krishna attire. Many readymade crowns made up of attractive material are available in market. However be careful while using such crowns as they can be uncomfortable and irritate you kid.

You can make crown at home using some light weight cardboard and lace. Else just tie a golden lace around the head of your baby with a peacock feather attached to it. Another good option for crown is a pony. Decorate the pony with some jewelry like pearl neckless. You can also decorate the pony with flower garlands (gajra).

Dressing up your baby as Lord Krishna on this Janmashtami

Prominent Peacock feather with red and golden lace.

  1. Peacock feather – A Krishna attire without peacock feather is incomplete. Attach the peacock feather to the crown or insert it in the pony. Remember to use a bright and prominent peacock feather.
  1. Flute – Lord Krishna was famous for some typical signs like flute and peacock feather. So Flute is must for your little Krishna. If you want you can decorate the flute with golden paper. If you don’t have a flute then you can bend a golden cardboard in small circular fashion like a flute or else use a stick covered with golden paper.

    Dressing up your baby as Lord Krishna on this Janmashtami

    Baby Krishna holding Flute

Some dangling accessories like pearls can be attached at one end of the flute to make it look attractive.

  1. Makhan (Butter) pot – Lord Krishna was famous as Makhan chor. So use a small pot as butter pot. Decorate the pot with velvet paper, beads, and golden strips. This pot will make your natkhat (naughty) kaana (Krishna) look attractive.Like other items even the pot can be bought readymade
  1. Arm bands – Use of armbands is again purely options. However, if used they will enhance the look of your little Krishna. You can use armlets, bangles or pearl arm bands for you’re LO. Another good choice for Arm bands is gajara (flower garland) as it does not harm your LO.
  1. Neckless– You can use pearl or gold neckless. One can use one or many neckless. You can use the neckless as per your own liking and personal choice. Again one can use flower garlands (gajra) as neckless.
  1. Waist band – A waistband will defiantly enhance the look of your Krishna. Again use of waistband is optional.
  1. Anklet – Anklet completes the look of your Krishna.
  1. Earnings – Use earrings that gel well with the neckless. If you are using pearl neckless then use small dangling pearl earrings.  You can also use a small bindi for earrings.
  1. Naam on forehead – While applying face makeup make a small Naam on forehead or elongated U shaped tikka on your Krishna’s forehead. For making naam you can use chandan powder or haldi (turmeric) powder. Add few drops of water to the powder to make it liquid and then apply it on the forehead of your kanha. Use of chandan or turmeric powder will not harm your baby.
    Dressing up your baby as Lord Krishna on this Janmashtami

    Baby Krishna with Naam on forehead

    You can also use ready-made Bindi as a tilak.

Insider tips:

      • Beauty lies in simplicity – Keep the attire as simple as possible. Do not overdo it.
      • Use soft and comfortable fabric or cloth for the attire.
      • If you are opting for face makeup then use safe colors. Use as minimal face makeup as possible.
      • For use of artificial accessory or jewelry ensure that the baby is comfortable with it. If it irritates the baby then don’t use them.

For busy or working moms who find very less time to prepared the Krishna Attire, online sites like Amazon provide Complete Krishna costume at different price range.


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