Connaught place, Fire paan an unique experience

Paan is an inseparable part of Indian Culture. In India chewing Paan is not only a tradition but also a part of India hospitality that dates back even prior to 5000 years. In India eating paan is consider as shaan and is offered to guest after lunch or dinner. Today paan has taken a different shape and is now available in different flavors and varieties. The Connaught Place, Fire Paan is one such example. Odeon Paan located at Connaught place has a variety of Paan to pamper your taste buds.

Connaught Place, Fire and Chuski Paan

Odeon Gupta Paan Shop at Connaught Place

What is Paan?

Paan’ originated from Sanskrit word ‘parna’ meaning leaf. It is basically a combination of betel leaves with areca nut and sometimes tobacco (optional). After chewing it is either spat out or swallowed. As said in the famous song ‘Khaee Ke Paan Banaras Wala…‘ Paan when chewed causes stimulant and psychoactive effects.

History of Paan

It is said paan was invented by Ayurveda scholars some thousand years ago. Queen Noorjehan (Mughal Dynasty Empress) discovered that eating paan gives natural red colour to lips. And this is how women started eating paan for reddening lips. Paan became the most popular in the pre-partition era in Lucknow of North India where eating paan became tradition and a part of Indian hospitality.

Fire Paan at Connaught Place

I am not a huge fan of paan however I have quite a few friends who are paan lovers. One of my friends told us about fire paan while we were in Delhi. So we decided to experience it ourselves.

Connaught place has four paanwallas each one with a lot of varieties in paan. We tried the Odeon Gupta Paan shop which is located near the Odeon Cinemas. Like other paan shops in the vicinity Odeon Gupta Paan shop also has quite a huge varieties of paans on its menu. Fire paan, chuski paan, sweet paan, chocolate paan, strawberry paan, black current paan, ghundi paan, butter scotch paan, flirt paan etc. Indeed the long menu, indicates that the paan sellers are no behind innovation in their field.

Connaught Place, Fire and Chuski Paan

Available variety of Paan at Connaught Place, Delhi

Out of all the available paans, the two most unique and interesting paan at Odeon Gupta Paan shop were the fire paan and chuski paan. Few of my adventurous friends first tried the fire paan. Don’t worry its completely safe and fun!! It is basically similar to meetha pan with a very strong Chandan chutney. To make it flammable peppermint brass is added on the top. The vendor stuffs the paan in your mouth so that you can have it whole at a go.

Connaught Place, Fire and Chuski Paan

Connaught Place, Fire Paan

Another interesting variety of paan was the chuski paan which full of ice. Trust me it’s an amazing experience and perfect after your meal.

Insider tips:

Address:  D-1, Middle Cir, D Block, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001

How to reach: Get down at Rajiv Chowk. It is 2 to 3 minutes walk from the metro station.

Budget: Approximately Rs. 150 per person.

Who should visit? It is must for all paan lovers. Non paan lover should also give it a try for one time experience.

In nutshell:

Paan a part of Indian tradition and hospitality is also on the path of innovation. The fire paan and chuski paan are perfect examples of the same. These two paans at Connaught place are a must try for everyone. They are perfect after meal and give an amazing and unique experience.


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